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Surfy Surfy Surf Shop 974 North Coast Hwy 101, Leucadia, CA 92024 *UPDATE: as of January 2019 Surfy Surfy has moved out of this coast highway location. email

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Howdy internet amigos, I started the Surfy Surfy blog in 2005 to help document the surfboards being built at my family surfboard factory, Moonlight Glassing. Moonlight Glassing was founded in 1979 by four talented craftsmen emerging from the old Sunset Surfboards factory. The same four surfers who founded the factory, Peter St Pierre, Gary Stuber, Kenny Mann and Mark Donellon are still working there today. Surfy Surfy has adopted the original 1979 Moonlight Glassing cartoon logo of the 5 surfers working together. In 2010 I rallied a few of my old school surf buddies and talked them into starting a brick & mortar surf shop in the old Longboard Grotto building in my hometown of Leucadia, California. Surfer Labor making surfboards for friends is what Surfy Surfy is all about. Thanks for visiting,  J.P. St. Pierre CEO & Janitor of Surfy Surfy, Inc. Surfy Surfy is a team effort! Surfy Surfy the blog was founded by JP St Pierre in 2005. All original content by JP. Thanks for your support!

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